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VISTA DEL CIELO (detail of "Crit Slit")
VISTA DEL CIELO (detail of "Crit Slit")
wood, paper, plastic, satin material, metal, chalk, rope, acrylic latex paint, electric fan & fluorescent lights
204"H x 168"W x 276"D

Vista Del Cielo is part 1 of the installation series Memory in “C” Minority depicting one year of my childhood in a 1973 South Bronx building. This installation references the solitude enjoyed staring out a living room window in the middle of the night and knowing that other families exist in the building, despite befriending only one of them. Placed on a ½ flight stair landing; the illusion of living on the 6th floor is created by using the window as a one-point perspective, enhanced by the differently scaled clothing on each clothesline.